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Our experienced team can often deliver a better-finished product at a lower cost when involved early in the design phase.
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For many projects, our strategy provides our clients with the best value. Our firm has vast experience with podiums, parking garages, commercial slab-on-metal-deck buildings, and high-rise buildings.  Our vast portfolio has also allowed us to acquire local market knowledge and, in many situations, establish ties with local suppliers.

Our concrete design and construction services are provided by experts that have the knowledge and experience to assist you in constructing a high-performing concrete structure that is also cost-effective. We actively recruit concrete design professionals and successfully distill years of experience designing and building nearly any type of structure into preconstruction services that save our clients millions of dollars each year.

concrete contractors Grand Rapids mi
concrete contractor Grand Rapids mi
Why We Succeed in the Field

Concrete Kings Grand Rapids backs up our unrivaled preconstruction services with a field staff that knows how to complete projects on time and within budget. Our concrete construction services include scoping out work based on what our clients wish to do themselves, supplying the complete concrete formwork package, or overseeing the entire Division 3 concrete frame. Frequent building problems are avoided before they have a chance to emerge thanks to our experienced employees and proactive attitude.

Look no further if you’re seeking reliable concrete contractors Grand Rapids to assist you to win your next design-build job. We, a creative, experienced, and collaborative contractor, can make or break your next concrete-build project.

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Concrete Contractor Grand Rapids MI

We can help with design early in the Concrete Kings Grand Rapids project delivery phase. We think that cooperation leads to innovation and success, and we approach every project with this philosophy, regardless of the delivery method.

We meet with all project partners early and regularly to outline and update scope duties, avoiding the costly uncertainty that can arise from scope gaps and overlap concerns. With our team of experts, you won’t be caught off guard by any unexpected “details,” and we have the preconstruction know-how to assist the project team in navigating design modifications on the fly.  

concrete contractors Grand Rapids mi
Sustainability and Excellence

We approach every project as an Integrated Partner Delivery (IPD) partnership,  collaborating with industry partners to find the best possible solution. This commitment to innovation will ensure the success of your next IPD initiative.

Years before “lean,” our internal safety, quality, and productivity programs used a Plan-Do-Check-Act workflow. As members of numerous LCI Communities of Practice, we are committed to continual improvement and waste elimination.

We aim to be a client-focused, one-stop-shop for concrete constructions. We are dedicated to being unwavering in our commitment to our employees’ safety, health, and development by creating a work environment characterized by openness, honesty, and respect. Our team is committed to exceptional output, professional integrity, and extraordinary service individually and collectively. We are one of the premium concrete contractors Grand Rapids MI that combine the resources of a massive corporation with the entrepreneurial spirit of a small one, all while encouraging innovation at all levels and evaluating success based on results rather than processes.